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Signs Indicating It’s Time To Leave Your Office Job

Everyone in the office has its ups and down experiences towards the tasks or to someone they are working with. If you consistently dragging yourself to go to work and finding the motivation to accomplish tasks seems impossible, here are the signs indicating that it’s time to quit your office job.

1. No room for advancements

May it be personal or career advancement and even financial freedom, spending time working for a company that does not provide adequate new learnings, it’s best to leave your office job. No one should be stuck working for a company just to make ends meet. If you are no longer happy, just leave.

2. You keep on justifying your work.

Do you always say these statements whenever your friends ask why you’re still in the wrong company?

  • “The pay is not quite good and even my boss is too demanding but, the benefits are okay.”
  • “I’ve been in the company for five years, I just can’t leave it.”
  • “I already know the workaround, I just can’t see myself moving into a new company and adjusting for another office culture.”

It’s not bad if you are the only one in your college batch mates who do not have the financial freedom and investments. But the mere fact that working in a company for so many years without any savings and investments is the sure sign that the current company is not the best one for you.

3. You rant too much about your job

If the working environment, as well as your colleagues, bring you a negative vibe, there is the tendency that you will become one of them too. Being pessimist leads you to depression
and you are losing the opportunities that can help you improve your financial status. If you happen to experience these signs, it’s time to get out and look for another opportunity. If you insist to stay, there will be a domino effect in your life including emotional and mental stability, financial freedom and most of all you’re blocking career advancements that you deserve.