Land Your First Event Planning Career At This Unexpected Opportunities

Looking for the first project that will usher you into the event planning industry is the hardest part. It is important that you expand your job search from the traditional classified
ads to the places that offer direct opportunities for aspiring event planners like you.

Here are the great places to start with:

Family and Friends Social Events

This is the easiest way to jumpstart your career. Offer your services to relatives and friends who have milestones to celebrate. Advertise your talent and skills through your impeccable
planning and coordinating the event.

Service and Non-Profit Organizations

These organizations have a full calendar of activities. Access the opportunities that they offer and learn hands-on experiences of organizing the myriad of reach out activities they
do the whole year-round.

Convention Centers and Hotels Get a job in the hotel industry.

Learn as much as you can while you are employed. You can
also aim for a higher position by proving yourself as capable, reliable, and skillful staff. Work smart and hone your talents while preparing for your own event planning business
in the near future.

Event Rental and Catering Companies These companies work in tandem with lots of corporations, customers, and venues. They provide essential services and products for any kind of events. Learn and master the essentials of rental services by joining the team.


Launch your career by joining the event-planning department of top corporations. This department is responsible to organize various seminars, training, off-site meetings, and

Event planning is an exciting career that can be a lucrative business in the future. Practice your craft as soon as you graduate. Get additional training, volunteer your service, create
your own events, and broaden your job search parameters. Do not limit yourself to one niche. Consider related jobs such as office coordinator, project coordinator, or event marketing staff. The more you learn, the easier for you to get your dream job in the

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