5 Smart Tips to Successfully Sell Your Art Online

Now that technology has widened the reach of visual artists, it does not make selling artworks any easier. Many artists sell their own works in their studios, in online galleries and thousands of art fairs, but regardless of the efforts, many still end up unsuccessful. Just because you created the artwork yourself, does mean that you know how to sell it.

It takes more than your stunning artwork to make a sale. Most artists share a common struggle – they are not as good when it comes to marketing and sales. Here are five things you need to know first before trying to sell your artwork online or even before you hire an art curator.

Define Your Target Audience

Who is your ideal buyer? Most often than not, there are artists who do not bother to ask this question.

Who are you trying to sell your artwork to? You can’t just say anybody can buy your work. That is too broad. Any marketing campaign starts by defining its audience to make a more targeted approach. Take some time to visualize your ideal customer. What are their interests, concern, and hobbies? Are they seasoned art buyers or millennials looking for fresh inspiration to hang on their walls?

Too many artists believe that they can make a sale by casting nets too wide. However, you could also end up wasting your time, effort and money. Take a more specific approach by offering the target audience what they like.

What is Your Art About

Buyers are interested in the background of the artwork and the artist as much as the stunning art itself. Whether you are an oil painter, a paper artist, a wood sculptor or a wildlife photographer, a story behind your art can captivate buyers.

If you have a social media account, you can post behind the scenes of your projects and techniques. Ensure that people get to understand your statement. Use layman’s term instead of art jargons that only you and fellow artist can understand.

You don’t have to tell them about work alone. Share how you get your inspirations and where your work is coming from to make them feel comfortable. This way, you can engage your target audience and make them feel close to you to build your clientele. Make it a good mix of interesting stories and exciting information on your upcoming artwork.

Where They Can Find You

It is vital for your target audience to know where they can find you and your artwork. This means you have to tell them where your artwork has been featured and displayed. Share which gallery displayed your artwork or which magazine and institutions feature it.

Of course, this will take some time. That’s why you have to think outside the box. When James Clarke lost his job as a photographic editor of a national newspaper, he thought he could grab the chance and be a freelancer. Unfortunately, no curators are interested in displaying his photos. So he tried another approach. Since he is diabetic, he took vibrant photos of other diabetic individuals. This is gladly received by the Diabetes UK and even gave him the commission. Additionally, the images now toured England as a large exhibition.

When Can You Sell Your Art

Always be ready to sell your art. You’ll never know when you’ll get an opportunity. Always bring a  business card and make sure that your website address is there. Have your website with your complete details as an artist since your website can be visited anywhere and anytime.

How Do You Want to Be Known

Always be professional when trying to make an offer or meeting other artists. When creating a network with other artists and galleries, be sure to present yourself professionally. If you want to submit an artwork, follow submission guidelines to the letter. You may demand technical excellence but always keep your ego in check. People love an approachable artist.

If you post in your social media or reply to a comment, make sure to be respectable and humble.

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